Pelmanism is a pairs game played with cards, which tests visual memory as the children try to remember where the cards are.




15 minutes


To match two objects which are the same; memory training.


 Two sets of identical picture flashcards, something to attach the cards to the board.


Choose vocabulary you want to revise. Make two picture flashcards of each item. There are many sources of suitable cards available either to buy or to download from the Internet. Depending on the age group you may want to vary the number of items, starting with five and increasing them as the children become more confident.

In Class:

1. Divide the board into two equal parts, drawing a line vertically down the middle.

2. Show the children one set of flashcards and elicit the vocabulary.

3. Shuffle the cards and attach them face down, in any order, on one side of the board.

4. Repeat the procedure with the second set of cards so that the children can see that they are identical to the first set. Attach them in any order on the opposite side of the board.

5. Now number each card, for example, 1-5 on one side of the board and 6-10 on the other.

6. Divide the class into groups. Ask one of the groups to give you two numbers, one from each side of the board. Turn over the cards to see if they are a pair. Ask the children to name each object as you turn them over.

7. If a team gets a pair they win the cards and guess again. If not, another team tries.

The Twist:

Play Pelmanism on your interactive whiteboard!

  • 1. Visit Oxford Playschool’s Student Site
  • 2. Click on Rocket’s games and choose a level and unit, depending on what vocabulary you want to revise.
  • 3. Choose the game called Click and match, and proceed as you would with a regular board.

Note: If you are a user of Three in a Tree, use the games from your Interactive CD-ROM.

Advantages: If you have an interactive whiteboard, you won’t need to carry flashcards or bluetack.  Your students will be fascinated by the animations of the game and more motivated.


Your students can play this game on their own or in pairs, in the computer room or at home.

Try other Pelmanism games online at these links:


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