The 6th Annual Multilingualism Fair will be held in a teachers’ centre on the outskirts of Seville from June 7 – 8, 2016.

This event is for teachers in bilingual state schools in the province of Seville who are currently working on bilingual programmes at their schools or who will be commencing bilingual programmes for the 2016/2017 school year.

The event will include stands where teachers from different schools will share their ideas and projects, a series of short presentations by teachers and simultaneous workshops where teachers can discuss current educational tendencies. The stands at the event will display resources, materials, strategies and expertise from the different schools that have been selected for this year’s fair.

The main objectives of the Multilingualism Fair include:

  • Recognise and make visible the work carried out by teachers at local bilingual schools
  • Help teachers become aware of the diverse opportunities within CLIL
  • Offer strategies to work on CLIL at state schools
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas, resources and materials from different schools
  • Experiment with new methodological techniques than can be incorporated into class
  • Discuss best practices for CLIL.

This fair has become a benchmark for bilingual schools and provides an exceptional opportunity for teachers to share their experiences face to face.  Almost a hundred teachers have already signed up for the two-day event and more are expected to register.

Nina Lauder, one of the authors of textbooks and stories for the OUP Spain Think! Do! Learn! series will be offering a workshop at the event.

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