This idea taken from Drama for Children (OUP) and provides teachers with a fun and easy way to bring action into chants.

Level: Preschool / 1st cycle primary
Time: 10-15 minutes
– Review adjectives
– Work on language in a meaningful way
– Promote active learning
– Develop gross motor skills
Materials: Whiteboard or blackboard with drawing of different sized ‘characters’ (see PDF file – download below).

Make sure the vocabulary you are working on is reflected in the magazines. Divide children into pairs or groups of three.

In class:
1. Learn the poem (see PDF)
2. Draw ‘characters’ from the chant on the board (see PDF)
3. With the children, think of ways to show the different sizes/emotions through actions or miming.
4. Practice the chant and do the actions.

Students can find pictures in their books or in magazines of people/things that are tall, happy, small etc.

For more details on this activity and some possible variations download this PDF.


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