Daniela A. Ayala Molinari

has loved English since she was a child. Following her parents’ footsteps, she is now a teacher too. She has got two educative blogs which are used in her English classes. New technologies are also fundamental in her ideas and methodology. Nowadays, she works as a teacher in a Primary School of Toledo, Spain.


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  • http://english4childrentoday.blogspot.com
  • In this issue, Daniela shares a music based Christmas activity with us…many thanks Daniela!

    Oxford Recipe in printable, PDF format:


    Christmas is a celebration that most people are waiting for all year long. Our students will really get confident with all the activities we have planned for this season.

    They will be especially motivated with the ones that use their personal computers and surfing on the internet to do the task.

    Level: 3rd Cycle Primary 

    Time: 40-50 Minutes


    –        Improve their speaking fluency and confidence.

    –        Motivate our students through dynamic and diverse activities.

    –        Surf on the internet for specific information.

    –        Use their personal computers in a correct way.

    –        Write some basic ideas about Christmas.

    Web pages:






    –        Computers

    –        Internet connection (wifi)


    –        Prepare the video with the lyrics and a worksheet with the same lyrics so as the students can follow the song easily.

    –        Explain the basic vocabulary that appears in the song in previous lessons.

    –        In former classes, revise the basic vocabulary of Christmas.

    In Class:

    –         Introduce the lesson with the beautiful song “All I Want for Christmas is You” (Mariah Carey).

    –        Sing the song together, following the lyrics.

    –        Ask students what they want for Christmas.

    –        Surf on the internet and write an email to Santa.

    –        Read some emails in the class.

    Follow up:

    To add more activities about Christmas, you can tell your students to surf on the internet and visit the websites recommended above.

    I’m sure they will love it and at the same time as they’re having fun, they’re learning English! 

    Have a wonderful Christmas time!! 😉


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