On Saturday, November 12th the annual ACEIA Conference took place in Seville. Over 500 teachers signed up for the event which included renowned speakers such as David Crystal, Robin Walker, Mark Hancock, Annie McDonald, Jane Arnold, Wendy Superfine and Jamie Keddie.

The feedback from sessions was very positive and the organisers did an incredible job running the event. There are some fantastic photos from the conference on the ACEIA webpage (see below) and there are photos and information on sessions delivered by OUP authors on the Oxford Blog website. We’ve also included a PDF collage with some photos from the conference here We hope you enjoy them!

A little background on ACEIA:

ACEIA (Asociación de Centros de Enseñanza de Idiomas de Andalucía) was founded in 1980 and has affiliated centres in a number of provinces in Andalusia. This association is made up of prestigious language schools in various cities and towns throughout Andalusia. More than 30,000 students attend ACEIA centres where more than 500 teachers give English classes.

ACEIA is part of the Spanish Federation for Language Centres (Federación Española de Centros de Enseñanza de Idiomas (FECEI) which will be organising a conference similar to the ACEIA conference in Madrid in February 2012.

Following the ACEIA Conference we asked the organisers for some “behind the scenes” information on the event. This is what they had to say:

How many years has ACEIA been taking place?  

Borja Uruñuela: ACEIA started having a Training Day many years ago and 6 years ago we started inviting the publishers and more speakers. Since then it hasn’t stopped growing in quantity as well as in quality.

How many years have you been organising the event?  

Borja: Five years ago, when the conference got bigger, I was appointed the job as the head of Training of ACEIA and formed a committee. Each person in the committee organises and supervises one area of the conference, e.g. technology, speakers, room coordinators and helpers, sponsors, program design, hotel…

 Who are some of the ‘behind the scenes’ people who make ACEIA what it is?  

Some of the people who make ACEIA what it is are:

Richard Johnson (ELI – Sevilla), Aidan O’Toole (Blue Door & Spainwise – Cordoba),  Gerry Lerner (ELI- Sevilla), Christine Henderson (London Centre- Sevilla),  Antonio Orta (IH-CLIC- Sevilla),  Julie Hetherington (El Centro de Inglés – Andujar), Jessica Sayler (TECS Language Center- Cadiz), Bridget Buckley (ELI- Sevilla) and Juanjo Dominguez (webmaster).

And of course: Mari Carmen Arévalo (London Centre- Sevilla)  and FIONA MULCAHY (St. James- Sevilla)

Many thanks to everyone involved!

Have you seen an increase in participation over the years?

Borja: We have gone from 200 to 550 participants in the last 5 years. Although most of the participants still come from Andalucía we are getting more and more participants from other parts of Spain .

What was the feedback like from this year’s conference?

Borja: The feedback has been very positive. We seem to have a formula that everyone likes. People like the fact that it’s a one-day event, the venue and the variety of sessions. Some people would like it to last 2 days and others would prefer having it during the week rather than on Saturday. All the sessions received very positive comments but the most practical workshops are the participants’ favourites. Ah! quite a few people have suggested having a longer break for lunch so next year we might get a bit more time for lunch!

Fiona: The feedback from the participants is really important to us. Each year we look at what they say they would like to see in future events and then try to include talks based on this. Training is an important aspect for ACEIA, not only do we have the annual conference but also a guest speaker scheme, where teachers from member schools offer training talks to other schools within the association.

Mari Carmen: Nuestras escuelas informan de la conferencia en el mismo momento de la contratación del profesor/a como parte de la formación que ofrecen. Hacen un gran esfuerzo en que asistan el número mayor de sus empleados. Este año ha sido significativo el aumento de centros que han mandado entre el 90 y el 100 % de su plantilla. (Un 61% frente a un 30% del año pasado.) Muchas escuelas que solicitan la adhesión a ACEIA están motivadas por la formación que ofrecemos durante todo el año además de nuestra conferencia.

How about YOU? Did you attend the ACEIA Conference this year? Share your ideas and opinions with us if you’d like!

Congratulations to the ACEIA team for running this popular event so successfully!

To find out more:

ACEIA http://www.aceia.es/que-es-aceia

FECEI http://www.fecei.es/


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  1. American Land Academy in Spain on

    Soy Salvador Gallego de la Rosa, director de American Land Academy. Asistimos a la última conferencia de ACEIA. Para nosotros es importantísimo la asistencia a esta conferencia, pues es la mejor forma de preparar a tus profesores y que adquieran el prestigio que se merecen perteneciendo a dicha asociación.

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