The main events for Carnival usually take place in February, immediately before Lent. During this time, typical activities include parades and celebrations often accompanied by masks and costumes. During Carnival, people often dress up and take to the streets to enjoy themselves.

Encourage your students to discover different ways to celebrate the Carnival season with this amazing material!

You can find out more about Carnival and how to bring this festive time into class.



Carnival of Animals

Making the Most of Masks



Activity 1 – Song: Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake

Activity 2 – My funny carnival book

Special activity – Carnival with Splash!


Lower-Primary – Playing with carnival words

Upper-Primary – Carnival in the UK

Special activity – Carnival with Ace! characters


February Festivals: Arts and Crafts


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We hope you enjoy these ideas!

Let us know if there’s anything special you do in your class for Carnival.




    • Thanks for your question about using the Explorers to celebrate Carnival. Here are a couple of things you can do:

      – take out the Explorers figure and tell students that the Explorers are interested in Carnivals around the world. Find information on different Carnival celebrations in different parts of the world then get groups of students to do some investigation on different events.

      – get students to use scraps of paper and cloth to make costumes or masks for the Explorers figure

      – depending on the unit you’re working on talk about food during carnival, clothes during carnival etc.

      – get someone in the class to dress up as an Explorer and organise an in-class game (ie. change students or objects from one place to another and see if the explorer/s who return to class can spot the changes)

      – Guess How Many – put hard candy, marbles a jar. Get students to guess how many. Get the explorers to help count and give out the ‘prize’ to the winner.

      We hope these ideas help!!

      Happy Carnival!!

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