Ideas for sparkling carnival costumes!

Bring a bit of magic to your classroom with a carnival party!

Here you can find some ideas on how your pupils can dress-up for Carnival following Monty and Lola – the stars of our new series. Just let your pupils choose the costume they like the most (see Monty and Lola flashcards), give them ideas on what they could wear and have fun!

The flashcards can also be used to hand over to parents.

You can also listen to a Carnival song, available to download below, which will spread Carnival cheer in your classroom.

Lola and Monty Flashcards


Ace! Level 1 Carnival Song.mp3

The Carnival song, the flashcards and the wordcards come from our new series. If you would like to find out more information about our new Primary course – Ace!, click on the link to preview it on our website.

After the party you can use the flashcards and the wordcards for quick activities. Here are some ideas:

Memory game

Display the flashcards or the wordcards on the wall/board and let students look at them for a couple of minutes. Ask them to close their eyes while you remove one. They need to guess which one is missing.

Under cover

Cover a flashcard or a wordcard and hold it up. Gradually uncover the picture or the word until the students can guess the correct word.

Guess who?

One student chooses a flashcard without showing it to the rest of the group. Then he/she says words related to the profession on the flashcard and the group has to guess which one he/she means, they shouldn’t mention the actual profession. The student, who guesses first, can go next.

For example: for a flashcard – Lola the doctor – it could be a hospital, nurse, pain etc.

Which flashcard is it?

Divide the class into two teams and draw a points table on the board. Choose 5 flashcards and stick them up on the board, with the images facing towards the board, hiding the image from the students. Above each flashcard number them (to practice numbers), and say “What is behind number*…(1)?”, the children then guess which flashcard it is. The child who gets it right receives a point for his/her team.

*You could use letters, shapes, words or anything else instead of numbers that you would like to practice with the children.

Lucky corner

Number each corner; place an image of the character in each corner. Ask the students to go to the corner they like.  Roll the die and the number which comes up is the corner which is out of the game. Carry on until the last one which will be the winning corner.

My half

Distribute the wordcards and the corresponding flashcards to individuals or pairs of children. Ask the students to find the child, or a pair, with the corresponding wordcards or flashcards.

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  1. Thanks for this activity. I’ve been looking for a carnival song and it had been impossible until now. Thank you so much.

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