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Are you impatient for Christmas to arrive? Then unwrap this early gift courtesy of Oxford and share it with your class.

New for 2016

Oxford Christmas Activities 1

Oxford Christmas Activities 2

Oxford Christmas Activities (Teacher’s Notes)

Activities from Previous Years

Kids TV offers a wide range of Christmas songs and rhymes with animated videos to get children in the holiday spirit. Here is their version of Jingle Bells.


CBBC Newsround offers a news story of a man in Australia who set a new world record for the most lights on an artificial Christmas tree. If a computer and projector are available, children can watch the tree being lit up.


Christmas around the World gives insight into Christmas traditions in a variety of different countries. Children can carry out projects to investigate different ways of celebrating Christmas or organize a quiz to see how much children know about distinct traditions.

Cyber Santa

CyberSantaBat-i-Burrillo Puppet Theatre, based in Seville, offers an original Christmas idea for classes. If your classroom has a computer with high-speed internet connection, camera, microphone, speakers, Skype and a projector, CyberSanta and his friends can visit the class from his cave in the North Pole and talk to the students via Skype for 10 minutes. Santa will chat with the class, interact with the students and invite them to ask him questions. This special holiday treat comes complete with a pack of material ideal for teachers to use in class.

Christmas Magazine offers a wide range of Christmas poems in English for the holiday season.

ABCs with Christmas Images from Imagenes EducativasThese letters can be coloured and used to decorate the classroom or for spelling and letter/sound games. (Note: omit the letter ‘Ñ’ in English class).

Download Worksheet

Winter Wonderland Snowflakes

Christmas Games from the Primary Games website.

Seasons and Weather. Review seasons and weather with a song from Dancing EnglishThe webpage includes worksheets, lyrics and actions for each line of the song.

Online game with Christmas vocabulary
Listening maze from the I-Spy series (OUP) with Christmas vocabulary (Father Christmas, stocking, reindeer, sleigh, card, Christmas tree, angel, star and present).

Christmas activities (OUP)
Set of Christmas activities with photocopiable pages and accompanying Teacher’s Notes.

Christmas vocabulary (OUP)
Photocopiable resource with Christmas vocabulary and definitions. Classroom resources for Christmas from the OUP ELT Global Blog
A selection of classroom resources for Christmas. Animated Snowman Story (from Oxford Splash)
Nice story to review clothes in a winter-time setting.

Christmas Fun (OUP)

Sample pages from the 32-page song and activity book called Christmas Fun that is a perfect supplement to any primary course at Christmas.


Christmas speaking activity
 This activity could be used with students in upper primary. It involves writing a story using Christmas time vocabulary and expressions.

Ready to print activities


Christmas spell well

The aim of this activity – Christmas spell well – is that students learn to spell common words related to Christmas, use them in a writing task in order to contextualize and learn how/when to use them, and assess each other’s works.

Santa Claus is Coming

This Christmas Lesson from the Teaching English website provides fun and easy activities to develop students’ vocabulary.

Recycled Christmas Cards

Give each pupil a rectangular piece of card to make their Christmas card. Then, using scrap paper, scraps of cloth or recycled Christmas cards let them create their own, original cards.

Cotton Wool Snowman

Give each child a couple of white, card circles. Then, using cotton wool and glue they cover the circles making fluffy snowballs. When the circles are covered in cotton wool they can add eyes, a nose and a hat to their snowman.

Christmas Action Song

This song is sung to the tune of ‘Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Toes’. Children point to or show different parts of their body as they sing (cap: head; beard: chin; belt: waist; gloves: show hands).

Cap, beard, belt and gloves (belt and gloves)

Cap, beard, belt and gloves (belt and gloves)
Look at Santa in his suit!

Cap, beard, belt and gloves (belt and gloves)

It is Snowing – Sing along with the tune: “Frère Jacques”

It is snowing, it is snowing,

Falling down, falling down.

Winter winds are blowing,

Drifts are slowing growing,

All around, all around.

  • By Jean Warren (From the Preschool Express website)
  • When doing this finger play, children can use their fingers to show how the ‘snow’ falls and blows.


Some handy holiday websites

Holiday Fun  (history of different December holiday traditions with links to colouring pages and other activities). 

The Holiday Spot – Build a Snowman (drag and drop parts of the snowman. Children can then describe their snowman to a partner).

Step by step – Winter Theme Ideas for Preschool  (songs, games and other ideas for little ones).

Teach-ICT: Tasks, quizzes and ideas for Christmas (Page with a wide selection of ICT friendly Christmas activities at various levels)

Spoonful – Advent Calendar  (Family Fun printable)

Worldlabel – Printable Advent Calendar

Coolest Holiday Parties – Christmas Poem

Looking for any Christmas related books for your class to read?
Browse our Oxford graded readers here

Previous Oxford Magazine articles on Christmas:

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