Often teachers are faced with the challenge of integrating children with special needs into the class. The Access Friendly ELT Campaign, a programme started in Greece, uses English Language Teaching (ELT) to raise awareness about issues affecting people with mobility disability. Although the lesson plans start at A2 level, they are a good means to spark ideas of how the subject of integration and empathy can be approached with our students.

As stated on their webpage (see below) this campaign hopes to:

  • Encourage language teaching that raises awareness of the needs of people with mobility disability
  • Sensitise children to the needs of people with mobility disability, both in and outside the classroom


Here is some information taken from their site:

An average estimate of the number of wheelchair users in Europe is 1% of the population.  This means that there are about 5 million wheelchair users in the EU, of whom 112,000 live in Greece.  In Greece these people are largely invisible; you don’t often see them going about their daily business in the streets or shops, or in places of business or entertainment  They are disabled more by inaccessible infrastructure and other people’s attitudes and behaviour than they are by their own physical situation. Largely through omission and ignorance they are isolated, disempowered and excluded from actively participating in everyday activities.

Our material not only builds language skills and provides exam practice, but also raises awareness about people with mobility disability and the challenges they face, and about different aspects of human diversity and how social integration can be an enriching experience for all.  The material encourages students to notice their own and others’ behaviour and attitudes towards people with mobility disability and to become more sensitive, positive and supportive where necessary.

Lesson plans, ideas and more information on this programme can be found HERE

We hope you find the information on their site interesting!


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