Oxford acknowledges the importance of caring for our environment, and is committed to the conservation and recycling of resources in order to keep our planet healthy.

We’ve seen how digital resources can be more dynamic, effective and exciting for children. But let’s not forget about this advantage: digital resources are environmentally-friendly. Less paper, less waste! We offer you this new section with ways to teach your students about how to care for Mother Earth by conserving and recycling resources, while using new technologies to help you.

The Environmental Protection Agency in the United States has a wonderful website aimed at children that includes information, games and activities appropriate for individual or group use.

Visit Recycle City (in the section Garbage and Recycling) to learn how it went from Dumptown to an efficient municipality that recycles, reduces and reuses waste. You can create a scavenger hunt to allow your students to search the map and discover ways to help the environment. Or use your Interactive Whiteboard in class to explore Recycle City and experience the ways its citizens take care of their town. Play the Dumptown Game to implement different programmes and see the positive effects as well as the costs of each. Try one or more of the activities proposed and read the teacher’s information for ways to extend this topic through other classroom activities.

Why not?

Why not do an arts and crafts project with your students that recycles and reuses an object that might otherwise be wasted? Try this easy project that turns old jars into a cute place to store toys, building blocks and other small objects.

How do you recycle in your school? Do you make any crafts with recycled materials? How do you teach environmental awareness in your classes? Write to us at Oxford.Magazine@oup.es and we will publish your idea!

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