This activity, taken from the OUP Resource Book for Teachers: Drama with Children by Sarah Phillips. Children love listening to stories and they also need to move and participate….in this activity, they do both!

Level: Pre-primary or 1st cycle primary (adapt length of story and vocabulary accordingly)

Aims: review prepositions; cooperate telling and retelling a story

Time: 20 minutes preparation, 20 minutes class time.

Preparation: (see worksheet) Teachers need to prepare the fish puppets and a series of props to tell the story.

Activity: Teachers use the stick puppets to tell a simple story about two fish and their adventures. Older learners can later write their own stories or adapt the story.

The full lesson plan for this activity can be found on the following PDF:

Big Blue Fish, Small Red Fish

We hope you like this activity! Let us know if you try it with your students!


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