This month we have a very special treat brought to us by Jose A. Terol Richart and his students at Cra Llocnou-Rotglà in Llocnou d’en Fenollet. This year, José has done some amazing projects with his students using personalised explorers figures based on the characters in the Explorers series. In this article José describes how he came up with the idea of using classroom characters in the real world and how his students reacted.

explorers josé terol projectJosé A. Terol Richart was born in Llosa de Ranes (Valencia) and has been teaching EFL to primary and secondary students for the last eighteen years. The first years of his teaching career were spent in schools in the Alicante area and since 2002 he has worked in the province of Valencia. Since 2004 he has been teaching English in Cra Llocnou-Rotglà in Llocnou d’en Fenollet. In 2008 he received the Digital Resources Innovation Award from the Conselleria d’Educació Generalitat Valenciana. He enjoys working with ICT and digital resources in class and one of his favourite pastimes is to surf the net and to learn new things related to teaching. He also enjoys reading and cinema. One day he hopes to publish his own educational resources.

I have always enjoyed looking for new and innovative material in class. I have been working with Oxford for a number of years (Fantastic Fanfare, Top Class, Galaxy and, now, Explorers) and I have always very much enjoyed using these materials.

The comic that I have designed was for the “Make the Most of Explorers” course and my idea was that all of the student “explorers” could imagine they were just like the “explorer” characters from the series. Seeing themselves as the actual explorers has increased their interest and motivation in English classes. I found that the comic where the characters are the actual students from the class (the ‘student explorers’) helps to reinforce the vocabulary and structures worked on in each unit in a fun, meaningful and personalised way.

explorers comic strip 1


One of the resources I use for creating comics for students in 1st cycle (for example, when I taught the Solar System) is StoryBots ®. This is a very interesting free website for teachers where you can create videos, songs, books with your students. Some of the applications are for iPad but, soon, all of the programmes will be available for personal computers and laptops. My idea is to use StoryBot ® to create new materials for class which combine content and the personalised explorer figures. Many thanks to Melissa Cunningham, Teacher Liason and Strategic Director at StoryBot ® Partnerships, for allowing us to use these images and comics created by my students for educational purposes. I was also kindly given permission for the comics to be published in this online format. I really hope you find the ideas interesting and useful!

My students loved the ideas…I hope you do too!

explorers comic strip 2

My latest project is with my 2nd year students. They are making a model town out of old medicine boxes (shops, town hall, banks, restaurants…) and the explorers are the inhabitants in the town. The 3rd cycle students are in charge of making explorers for the Fallas celebration at our school.

Thanks for reading my ideas! Let my students and I know if you like the work we have done! It would mean a lot to us!


Our sincerest gratitude to José, his students and their parents for allowing us to share this information! We love the Explorers comics and can’t wait to see more material from José and his class!

To read José’s interview, click here.

Please note: The use of images of students has been authorised by parents for use of in the Oxford Magazine for Pre-Primary and Primary Teachers for Oxford University Press España.


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