Doing hands-on activities is something that young learners tend to enjoy. Festivals and holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Carnival can be great occasions to bring arts and crafts into English class. Check out these ideas and websites and let us know which ones work best with your pupils. If there are any other activities you tend to use, leave us a comment and let us know!

Enjoy this festive month!


A Paper Plate Mask

Materials: paper plates, paint, tissue paper, scissors, glue, string.

Step 1: Cut out eyes and mouth on paper plate.

Step 2: Children decorate plate by colouring it, painting it and/or adding tissue paper hair.

Step 3: Punch holes for the string and try the mask on.

For more paper plate mask ideas go to:


Party Masks

Materials: paper, glue or sticky tape, scissors.

You also need a mask template from:

Step 1: Print and colour one of the masks.

Step 2: Cut out a strip of paper to make a headband.

Step 3: Stick the mask to the headband.


Valentine’s Day

People celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a day to tell people that you love them. People give one another cards, chocolates or special presents.

Fingerprint Hearts

Using washable ink, press an index finger onto the inkpad. Then stamp v-shaped hearts onto paper or card. Use felt tips or crayons to add additional details. This can also be done with red finger paint or tempera.

Be My Valentine

Hand out white, pink, red card and encourage pupils to make Valentine cards for friends in the class or for a special member of their family. Allow the children to be creative.

Valentine’s Crown

Make a crown out of card and decorate it with Valentine’s heart.

 Valentine’s Potato Prints

Cut a potato in half then, carefully, cut out a heart shape. Do this with 5 -10 potatoes. Put the children in groups with plates of paint and allow time for them to make potato print pictures.

Tissue Paper Flower

Encourage the children to make a tissue paper flower which they can give to someone special on Valentine’s Day.



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