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Oxford Recipe in printable, PDF format:




Level: Pre-primary (4-5 year olds)


Time: 15- 20 minutes

– Review vocabulary in a playful way
– Take part in a dramatised activity
– Express opinions about likes and dislikes

Language: Flexible – this can be done at the end of a unit or as a review or vocabulary from previous units

Materials: 8 -12 flashcards


Children can either hold the cards or cards can be ‘hung’ from the children using clips, clothespins, or using string and have children ‘wear’ the flashcard as a necklace. Clear a space in the classroom that can be used as the ‘runway’ with chairs or space on either side for the ‘audience’ or judges.

In class:
1. Using flashcards that the children are familiar with explain to them that today there is a Flashcard Fashion Show in class. Before beginning, show the cards that will be used in the ‘show’ and, if necessary, ask some review questions (ie. Is it red? Do you like lions?)
2. Depending on the age of the children and the size of the class, about 1/3 to 1/2 the class will be ‘models’ while the rest of the class will be spectators and/or judges. Some children might also pretend to be photographers as the ‘models’ walk by.
3. Hand out pictures to the ‘models’ and get them ready for the show (holding or wearing the card). If pupils feel shy or don’t want to participate in the 1st round, don’t force them. Demonstrate that the children should walk down the runway, turn around and return to the line of ‘models’.
4. Explain to the rest of the group that they need to watch the Flashcard Fashion Show and decide which card/model is their favourite. They can clap quietly, pretend to take photos etc.
5. One by one the children who are models walk the imaginary runway. They can use their imagination and be ‘silly’ or ‘funny’ as they show their card. In the case of animal, sports or family flashcards, the “models” can do the action which corresponds to the person/animal /activity etc.
6. The teacher can give a running commentary on the show. For example, We now have Emilio showing us the ‘lion’ flashcard. Look at how he shows his card. Thanks Emilio. Etc. When all of the models have finished lead them onto the runway together where the class can congratulate them, take their bows etc.
7. Time and energy permitting allow the spectators/audience to have a turn being models.


Please Note: The ‘fashion show’ should be short, entertaining and fun! As you conduct the activity evaluate your class and see which children grasp the ideas or skills quickly and which ones struggle. Dramatic play time is an essential part of child development, so remember to congratulate the children at the end of the show.

1. At the end of each ‘round’ ask children their opinions. For example, I like lions! Marta, very good.

2. Children can draw a picture of the fashion show or of their favourite flashcard.

If you haven’t got flashcards, you can make and print your own cards HERE


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