This idea taken from Games for Children (OUP) provides teachers with a fun and easy way to review vocabulary using magazines.


2nd and 3rd cycles


10-15 minutes

  • Review body and clothes vocabulary
  • Work on vocabulary in different ways
  • Promote learner autonomy
  • Develop visual discrimination and scanning skills

Large selection of magazine with photos of people (catalogues etc.). Make sure the content of the magazines is suitable for young learners.


Make sure the vocabulary you are working on is reflected in the magazines. Divide children into pairs or groups of three.

In class:

1. Divide the class into groups or teams and provide each group with a selection of magazines.

2. Ask groups to find different items, for example, Find a woman with long, blond hair; Look for a man wearing jeans etc.

3. The children flick through the magazines and when they find a correct example, they shout ‘Stop!’  Check information and continue with more examples. 


Students can make body parts/clothes collages using the images from the magazine.

For more details on this activity and some possible variations see the attached PDF.


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  1. Sandra Rodrigues on

    Once I had a similar acitivity with my 1st Grade. We were reviewing parts of the face and they were able to cut all the mouths, eyes, noses and ears from the magazines to create funny monsters collages.
    We had a great laughing time!

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