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has over eight years of experience working in the ELT field in Barcelona as a teacher, teacher trainer, and Head of Studies. Among other areas, she specializes in blended learning. At present she works as a teacher trainer for Oxford University Press.

Oxford Recipe in printable, PDF format:

Introduction: Birthdays are always exciting days for our students as they feel special. It can be very rewarding to work on birthdays as a festival and to take advantage of the interest children have in their dates of birth. From a language point of view, we can focus on many different aspects. In this recipe, you can also surf the Internet and find some useful websites which are easy to use and understand.


5th and 6th grades – 3rd cycle


30-45 minutes


Review vocabulary and structures


Surf the Internet for specific information

Give children the opportunity to share information and speak English

Give children the tools to investigate and develop knowledge

Web pages:


Computers with Internet connection


1. Check the web page and prepare some questions for your students to ask each other.  For example, they can ask, “How many days old are you?”

2. In previous classes, you should review vocabulary for days of the week, seasons, months.

3. Pre-teach the phases of the moon.

In class:

1. Divide your students into groups of two or three and give them the worksheet with the questions you prepared in advance.

2. Give them some time to answer the questions, then check the answers as a class. Praise them when they speak English. You might decide to do this in a previous lesson or right before checking the web page.

3. Ask your students to surf the web page, and find more information about their dates of birth. You can let them check other websites like to find out which baby names were the most popular when they were born.

4. Ask your students to make a note of all the interesting information they find about their dates of birth. For homework, you could ask them to type up their notes on a computer.


To add more interest to this activity, you can ask them to visit to learn more about the phases of the moon. Then they can go to and find out the phase of the moon on the day they were born.


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