This summer the Olympic Games will be taking place in London. This event inspires children around the world and the Olympic committee has provided some interesting online resources for teachers and students.

The online resources are available in English and other languages and there are activities at Advanced and Basic levels. You have to register to get access to the material in English but sign up is free as are the resources. There is information on the games, activity ideas and suggestions on how to encourage children to learn more about the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Some topics include:

– the London 2012 Olympic Games and the London 2012 Paralympic Games
– Wenlock and Mandeville, the official London 2012 mascots
– sports and venues of the London 2012 Olympic Games and the London 2012 Paralympic Games

Additional information can be found HERE

Charlene Cawte from the OUP Spain team came across these lovely videos which give insight into how the mascots were developed alongside other images and information. This website also includes “behind the scenes” footage and interviews with athletes. The short clips might be challenging in terms of contents for very young learners but the vivid images and animations will be enjoyed! Take a peek at the London 2012 Mascot Dance and see if the children can follow along!

Have you discussed the Olympic Games with your students? What activities have you done? Which ones worked best?

Enjoy the Olympic Games this summer and good luck bringing the Olympic spirit to the classroom.


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