In the May issue we asked teachers:


How do you make the most of puppets and mascots in class?


Here are some of the answers we received alongside some additional ideas. Do you want to participate and share your ideas? Check out this month’s questions in the Share Your Top Tips.

–  I use puppets to help develop a positive classroom atmosphere.
–  Puppets can help children review and recycle the language they have learned.
–  As puppets can show a wide range of emotions and feelings, I use them to enhance affective responses from the children in the class. Sometimes the puppet is sad or has a headache…the children tend to show a lot of empathy towards the character.
–  I find that the children in class tend to show more empathy towards characters when they are presented as puppets.
–  Puppets can express opinions that differ from the teacher’s opinion. The class can decide who they agree with more…the teacher or the puppet.
Some useful websites for ideas on using puppets or puppet shows:
Have you tried any of these techniques? How did the students respond? If you have any additional ideas or suggestions, leave a comment!
Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!
Check out this month’s question in the Share Your Top Tips


  1. Puppets can pronounce words incorrectly – children love catching the puppets making mistakes and correcting them.

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