According to research, 80% of the job offers in Spain require knowledge of English. The current economic crisis is forcing a number of people to look for job opportunities abroad while others need to improve their level in English to keep their jobs or find a new one. Why is English the eternal ‘asignatura pendiente’ in Spain? This roundtable interview led by Inma Shara includes Olga Fernandez (English teacher at the Universidad de Pais Vasco), Rebecca Place (British Council Bilbao), Hillary Plass (English teacher at Saint Louis University in Madrid) and Elena Bañares (Vice president TESOL-SPAIN).

In this twenty-minute news report by RTVE specialists from around Spain talk about the importance of learning English. They share their ideas and opinions on the current state of affairs and information is also provided on the annual TESOL-SPAIN conference which will be held in Bilbao this year.

Watch the programme (in Spanish) and share your opinions with us:



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