Throughout the year there are lots of special days and holidays. Some of these days are internationally renowned but others are relatively unknown. Here are some special days in November that you might not be aware of.

November 6th – Saxophone Day

The saxophone was invented in the year 1840 by Adolpe Sax, a Belgian musician and musical instrument maker. Sax was born on 6 November 1814, hence Saxophone Day commemorates his birth date and musical inventions. Adolpe Sax invented a total of eight different types of saxophones.

November is also International Drum Month so grab your percussion instruments and celebrate with some rhythm.

saxophone day

November 13th – World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is an international holiday that is celebrated on the 13th of November. This day started in 1998 and although it is not observed in a lot of countries the idea behind the day is to encourage people to overlook boundaries such as race or religion.  Australia has included this day on its Federal School calendar. Some of the events for this day include distributing kindness cards, giving yellow flowers as a sign of friendship, group hugs, global flashmobs and different acts of kindness.

November 19th – World Toilet Day

Having access to a toilet and safe sanitation is something that many people take for granted. However, according to the United Nations website, there are over 2.4 billion people who do not have access to safe and clean sanitary services which can oftentimes lead to the spread of diseases and illnesses. World Toilet Day aims to make people aware that sanitation, or the lack of it, can have a serious impact on health, safety and dignity.

The World Toilet Day website has more information and resources that can be used in class.

November 21st – World Hello Day

World Hello Day was founded in 1973 and is observed in over 180 countries according to Wikipedia. The objective of this day is to say ‘Hello’ to at least ten people in order to demonstrate the importance of using communication rather than violence or force when it comes to resolving conflicts. November 21, 2016 will be the 43rd annual World Hello Day.

hello day

November 25th – Black Friday

In 2016 Black Friday will take place on November 25th. This day is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States and it is a day when shops offer discounts and deals. Nowadays Black Friday sales can be found in different countries around the world, not just the United States.

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We hope you enjoyed finding out about these holidays and celebrations. If you can think of any other festivals to add to the list, let us know!

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