For some spine-tingling, hair-raising fun, why not use Oxford’s FANGtastic resources as a trick or treat for your class this Halloween.

New for 2016

Halloween Crafts from Activity Village (Primary)

VIDEO: Making a Jack  o Lantern with Marty Moose



Halloween Games

Halloween history

Halloween is fun! & Monster Freeze

Bat Craft

Halloween Photo Frame


Halloween chant from New Treetops (Lower Primary)

Halloween chant from Happy House (Lower Primary)

Photocopiable Halloween pages from High Five (Upper and Lower Primary)

Halloween picture dictionary from New Treetops (Pre-Primary/Lower Primary)

Sample material for Halloween from Holiday Jazz Chants

Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls, oh my! from the OUP blog includes a Halloween quiz and ideas for Halloween literature connections (Upper primary)

Halloween Songs

Halloween Fun!

A Halloween diorama  CLIL activity

WebQuests CLIL activity

Glue Ghosts (Lower primary)

Broken Words (Lower primary)

Halloween Party Games (Upper primary)

Pass the Apple (Upper primary)

Spider’s Web (Lower primary)

Ha ha ha Halloween Word search  (Lower primary)

Tongue Twister : Which witch is which? (Upper primary)

Ghost Writers: (Upper primary)

Halloween Colours Song

Halloween Colours Teaching Notes

Halloween Colours Worksheet

Trick or Treat song

Trick or Treat lyrics 

Looking for more Halloween reading?

For Secondary, Upper-secondary and Official Language Schools activities click here.



  1. Mercè Montes on

    Thank you very much for these ideas!!!! I really like them. I’m gonna use them in my classes. Fantastic!

  2. rosa maria salas raposo on

    New activities for new and younger students. I´m sure we´re going to enjoy them so much.
    Thanks a lot !!

  3. Amparo Moscardo on

    Thanks a lot for these complete pack of ideas to celebrate Halloween.
    It’s really funny and complete to work with our pupils and it permits to
    improve the level of my pupils in a funny way.Congratulations!!


    Thank you very much. These ideas are very useful for my classes. And the activities are fantastic and fun. Happy Halloween!!!

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  6. Pingback: EFL classroom activities and resources for Halloween | Oxford University Press

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