We often tell our students that it is good to read but have we really given much thought to why this is true? Research has shown that reading is of vital importance for a number of reasons. Reading not only helps students’ language and literacy development but also helps them develop social skills and gives young learners access to the wealth of information found in books/online.

Keep in mind that reading needs to be seen as an enjoyable experience. If children enjoy reading, they will become better at reading. As teachers, we need to do what we can expose our students to a variety of different sources and activities to develop this key skill.

Here are a couple of documentaries which deal with the development of reading skills. We hope you enjoy them!

Why Reading Matters

In this fascinating BBC documentary Science writer Rita Carter talks about how neuroscience has shown that reading is a vital and powerful skill. She also questions whether the ‘digital revolution’ will threaten classical reading.

Click here for the documentary part one

Children of the Code (Why Reading is Confusing)

This short video takes a look at the complications students face when trying to ‘decode’ written texts. Opinions from experts, teachers and students.

Click here for video Children of the Code

Do you do a lot of reading with your students? What resources or activities do you use?



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