In the April issue we asked teachers: How do you encourage your students to read in and out of the classroom?Here are some of the answers we received alongside some additional ideas. Do you want to participate and share your ideas? Check out this month’s questions in the Your Turn! section – Your Top Tips.
I read stories in class.
I ask children to bring in their favourite books and tell the class about it (as best they can!)
I show online stories on the Interactive Whiteboard.
I work at a bilingual school and the children are reasonably confident in English. We sometimes do creative writing story tasks then children read their stories to one another – Angela
I have some graded readers in class and we do silent reading.
I made zig-zag books or mini books with my students and tell them to read the stories at home. I’ve used this one in class and my students liked it: A.; Llodio
I found this website with some simple stories that focus on different sounds. Hope you like them!– Mari Ángeles
I sometime show/read stories from online sites using the IWB. Or, I tell students to find a story from the BBC webpage and read it for homework. I’ve used this story (The Three Bears) from this website and students love it!
I tell them about books I’ve read or books I’m reading. I try to set a good example and read myself!
Some webpages with online stories or reading tasks:
Kidz Club (in American English): The Three Pigs
For a wide range of online talking stories visit:
Good luck encouraging reading in class and let us know if you like the ideas or try the ideas with your students
Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!
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