CLIL Activity – P6 Science and Technology

WEBQUEST: Energy Sources


Energy is all around us. We use it constantly in our daily lives. Energy gives us the power to turn on lights, cook our food, run computers and heat our houses. Energy is stored in two very different ways. The two groups are called renewable energy and non-renewable energy.

There are more than ten major energy sources (mainly renewable sources) used in Spain today. As energy is a part of every aspect of our lives, it is important to learn about energy and how the different sources of energy are stored and their impact on our society.

Activity available in PDF format:


You will need:

  • A copy of the Task, Process, Resources and Evaluation for every student in the class.
  • A copy of the Peer Evaluation Rubric for every student.

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  1. Isabel Jiménez Domecq on

    Thank you very much for providing us, the teachers, with new material and didactic resources whom we are so eager for, in order to make our classes the most profitable and motivating. Evaluation material is also very necessary for us, because it gives us a general idea of the practical importance of the subject we are referring to.

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