2nd and 3rd cycles


40 minutes+ and ongoing


Learn language of the Internet

Give the children a taste of what a website contains

Promote learner autonomy

Encourage use of technological sources of information


Computers with Internet connection for each student, or for each group of 2-3 students, Printer,  Worksheet ‘What’s in a website?’, one for each child.


Select a small number of websites that have interesting but simple content, and which have plenty of pictures, interactivity, and hotlinks. Familiarize yourself with their contents.

In class:

1. On the board, write the web addresses of three or four websites which you chose as part of your preparation.

2. Put the children in small groups. Ask them to choose and explore one of the websites. Encourage them to look for different kinds of content and to say what they like or dislike about the site.

3. Hand out the worksheet and get them to fill it in, either as a group or individually. If necessary, use another website of your choice to demonstrate the idea of the mind map.


This is ideal to use as an ongoing activity or as a preliminary to using a content-rich website. Older children can be encouraged to construct a website critique (i.e. to develop a coherent argument as to whether or not they think that the website is well developed or not).

Suggested websites to use with this activity:


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